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What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a virtual pin board, created about two years ago, but recently it’s been taking off like wildfire.

If you’re anything like me, I love pin boards! A favorite recipe, a cute outfit, a great photo, we either stuff it into a drawer (never to be found again) clip it to the fridge (where it falls in-between the fridge and the cabinet) or pin it to a cork board with all the others. On Pinterest all we have to do, when we find something we’re interested in, is click the PIN IT on the bookmark bar. Then, create different boards to organize the topics, and it’s there for us when we’re ready for it. We also can share with our friends and they can share with us.

There is another side for bloggers and retailers: The pictures which get pined on any one persons’ board, once clicked, will go back to the original source. So say we saw this really cute pink dress on BFF’s board, we can click the photo and find out they sell them at Macy’s for $50.00. An even better example for someone like me, a new author, make a ‘pin’ of the novel cover and then link it back to it’s website where it can be bought or downloaded, and get your friends to re-pin it on their boards under ‘Must Reads’ or whatever title they create. You can also comment on the photo. I put the synopsis under the photo.

Here’s how to start:

1. Go to pinterest.com and ask for an invite (or find a friend on Pinterest to invite you).
2. Create your profile. (I included my novel coming out and synopsis)
3. Set up your boards (you can always add more as you go along)
4. When your given people to follow with similar interest, do it. This will give you a whole new set of ‘friends’.
5. Start pinning! (I went on Amazon.com and type in things I wanted to pin)

You can also upload photos from your computer and ‘pin’ them to your board. My novel is under production with a publisher, so I don’t have an ISBN number yet, so I download the HD Image they gave me of the cover. It’s already been repined a few times and I just started.

In a nutshell, that’s all there is too it.

Feel Free to come see me once you sign up! Don’t forget to re-pin TWISTED ROOTS. 

Shelly Goodman Wright
Author of TWISTED ROOTS, a Christian Romance/Suspense Novel coming Spring 2012
Author of The Irreversible Catastrophe of Professor Babcock in Steampunk Tales Issue 12 http://www.steampunktales.com
Contributor to Fresh Ink Magazine, Colorado Springs, Co


ARE YOU READY? For an agent


            We have written our novel and now we are ready to seek out an agent—or are we?

            Today I spent much of my Saturday afternoon making a list of possible agents.  On each site, I not only read about each agent and what they represent, but read their blogs.  One agent wrote, “If this is the first draft of your first novel then don’t even bother.”  Wow, that hits you hard in the face.  Here we have spent hours, months and possibly years to write our masterpiece and she’s going to slap me in the face.  OUCH!

            Her statement is completely understandable.  Thousands of query letters hits the desks (computers) of agents/publishers on a daily basis.  I read on one agent’s blog, fifty percent of queries sent to him, have either misspelled his name, addressed the query letter “To Whom It May Concerns”, do not include the genre they seek representation for, or simply have basic spelling/grammar errors.  “No thanks, I’ll pass.”

            It is much the same with most agents and publishers.  If you can’t get the short query polished, what is the rest of your manuscript going to look like.  YIKES!

            But let’s go back a moment to my original statement.  Are you ready to seek an agent? 

            Say you have just finished your novel.  First thing I would suggest is to join a writer’s group.  Here you will get honest feedback from people who are not afraid to hurt your feelings.  Trust me, it might sting a little a first, but your writing will grow stronger and you will have the opportunity to analyze others writings as well. 

            Secondly, know your genre and search for agents that represent that genre.  You are not ready to submit yet, but by signing up with their blogs and finding out about them, gives you an upper hand in knowing what they are looking for.  Most of the agents I ran across today have no problems telling you what drives them insane or gets them excited. 

            Third, learn the craft.  Joining a critique group, reading editor, agents, or publishing blogs are great resources for learning.  There are also writers’ magazines that feature advice from writers, editors and publishers, and keep you current on the publishing world.

            And while you’re doing all these, you can check out my blog Building A Platform www.shellygoodmanwright.com  as your next step.  You really want to have something you can add to your publishing credits.

            Currently, I’m on my seventh draft of “A LIGHT INTO THE DARKNESS”.  Each draft, tightens my novel and quickens the pace of the story.  Why?  Because of the critiques and I’m so grateful to those who aren’t afraid to tell me what they think. 

            Am I ready?  I like to think I’m close.  Fine turning my query, synopsis and first fifty pages is more than nerve racking, but worth it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever publish my first novel, but I have enjoyed those who have begged me for the second and third novel.  I’ve also enjoyed writing for the local paper and creating short stories for publications. 

            What tips do you have?  Do you follow a blog of an agent, editor, or publisher?  And why them? 

            Are you ready?

Happy Writing,

Shelly Goodman Wright