Nothing can be as exciting for a writer to hold their first publication in their hands.

My time is coming soon!

When I first started writing, I had no idea the process to publication would be so long.  I always thought writing the book would be the most work–boy was I wrong.  Besides the editing that happens immediately after and the many drafts to follow, the work to get an agent or publisher to look at it, is an even bigger task.  Once I got the publisher, I was put on a ‘schedule’–copy-editing, conceptual editing (three times), title brainstorming, cover design collaboration, layout, final proof editing, marketing plan and then promotion scheduling for 90 days out (after the first printing, it’s 90 days until the official release–although this is the time to sell pre-release personal copies).   From the time I signed the contract until the release date is almost a year–A YEAR!   Since this is normal practice for most traditional publishers, I’m okay with it.  Although I’m not against self-publishing, I needed the editing–badly, and to pay for the kind of editing I desired, I could have spent well over $7 to $8 grand.  Not doable for a stay at home mom.

So now I’m here.  Just last week the cover was decided and I have to say I’m very pleased with with our team effort.  I started layout Tuesday and should be hearing from the T.V. commercial producer.  Yep, I get a trailer and T.V. time.  Pretty excited about that.

One will win her heart, one will try to steal it and one will try to kill her.