Life is precious no matter what kind of life it is.  I have been fortunate that the only death my three girls know, in our family, has been two dogs.  Maxwell, a seventeen-year old Chihuahua, died in his sleep early last summer and Monday I put our beagle to sleep (undiagnosed diabetes—shutting down her organs).   

When I was growing up, my family was poor.  Reduced lunch, hand-me-down clothes (from other kids), blue light K-mark specials, and Goodwill, was my life.  We did not have much, but we always had pets.  Dogs, cats, fish, snakes, rabbits, birds, mice, rats, hamsters, frogs, lizards, and once even a wild turtle that lived under a window box, were a part of my life.  Death was a common occurrence and we had half an acre to bury them on.

My girls however, this would be only the second time they have experienced death and only the first time for an animal they bonded with.  I watched my three girls kiss Cassie (the beagle), with tears in their eyes, and say goodbye.  The vet then took the dog to a back room, where they would put her to sleep.   

Today the call came to pick-up the ashes.  I will bury her in the garden along with her friend, Maxwell.  They both liked lying in the sun, and now they will both be in the sunniest part of the yard.  

I hope that next week I will be back on track with my blog.  On one positive note, I did finish a fairytale-fiction short story.  On a downside, I was rejected for publication in Encounter Magazine.   It will not stop me and I will keep writing. 

“I love writing.  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”  ~James Michener

Happy Writing!